The Animosity to healthy option

A lead to obesity epidemic


  • Samriti juneja
  • Yashika
  • Priyanka chauhan


obesity, epidemic , health


Food is the most mishandled tranquilizer. Exercise is the most underutilized  stimulant. Nowadays importance is given to food rather than exercise which lead to high intake than expenditure ,hence leads to obesity. Obesity is a multi-factorial disorder, which is regularly associated with many different giant sicknesses which include diabetes, high blood pressure and different cardiovascular sicknesses, osteoarthritis and positive cancers. The management of weight problems will consequently require a comprehensive variety of strategies focusing on those with current weight problems and additionally on those at excessive chance of developing weight problems. hence, prevention of obesity in the course of youth ought to be considered a priority, as there is a threat of endurance to maturity. This review paper highlights various preventive components and treatment strategies of obesity  with special emphasis on the trendy research manifolds. 


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