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  • Gayathri S Student
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GABA, GAD, nervous system, glutamate, fermented, germinated.



           GABA is an amino acid, which is occur naturally or getting by some reaction carried out with the help of glutamate, GAD (enzyme) and pyridoxal phosphate (co-factor). It is an inhibitory neuro-transmitter and classified into two forms, they are GABAA & GABAB. in a nervous system, it plays a main role to inhibit the neural excitability. Source for GABA is glutamate, that can be obtained from TCA cycle and naturally from some of the food products like fermented as well as germinated items. Daily intake of this is about 100-800 milligram to cure many problems like treating ADHD, reduce PMS and type-I diabetics, nervous problem etc. compare the activities of GABA rate in different food products like mushroom, fermented soybean, germinated products ( dietary seeds, brown rice, pulses, mung bean, paddy), green coffee bean and rice germ during soaking.

Keywords: GABA, GAD, nervous system, glutamate, fermented, germinated.


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Dinesh. T, STUDENT

Food technology- 4th year


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