Plant-Based Seafood


  • Radhika Yadav MITCFT
  • Sriram Modi
  • Alfiya Shaikh



plant based seafood, alternative, sustainable


Aqua culture around the globe is growing to meet the increasing demand for human consumption, but the human population expands to nearly 10 billion by 2050 resulting in increase in global demand for sea food that climbs to almost 30 percent by 2030 which means we are emptying the oceans of fish and destabilizing the entire ecosystem leading to extinction of various aqua species. The alternative to which is a healthy, delicious and accessible plant based seafood product. With the innovations in this industry, the consumers are provided with resource efficient seafood that tastes, cooks and looks like the conventional option. With no animals harmed in the process, without any fecal contamination, no antibiotic resistance with less or no emission of harmful gases, the plant based seafood provides the consumer with a reliable product having health benefits along with similar taste, texture and color of the seafood.


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