• Akshay Londhe Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth
  • Rohit Nimbalkar College of Food Technology, Saralgaon
  • Sagar Kusal College of Food Technology, Saralgaon


Shortbread , cookie , baking


Shortbread is a cookies, made from Maida, sugar, butter, and corn flour. Other ingredients like ground rice flour or for changing the texture of shortbread added sometimes flour. From original recipe made many more modern recipe . Shortbread made using vegetable fat (Fat spread) and butter and chemical leaving agent giving different texture, chemical leaving agent like baking powder. Shortbread cookies are crispy and crunchy in texture. A Britain woman named Mrs. McLintock originated Shortbread first printed recipe, in 1736. Shortbread is widely consume during Christmas , all around the world walkers shortbread brand are consume. Shortbread baking on 180°c to 220°c,For avoiding browning shortbread are baked on low temperature. After baked, it is look white, or a light golden brown. Shortbread are available in many shapes.


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